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Mr. Cliff A. D'Souza.

When it comes to moving house, the big question uppermost in one’s mind is how will I manage it. Some transport companies may do the job, but can you rely on them for precision and security? Other companies are reliable no doubt, they give you delivery on time, but is your shipment in the right hands? Here is where ‘HomePack’ renowed packers and movers come in, time trusted through years of experience. The company is ably headed by Cliff A. D’Souza, enriched with 37 years of international experience in the field of packing and moving.

Cliff was born and brought up in Bandra, educated at St. Stanislaus High School. His parents were then in the north, and he spent his school years staying with his maternal aunt, the late Mrs.M.Rodricks and uncle, the late John Rodricks In 1962, he migrated to Muscat where he was absorbed with a private company and later joined ‘Kanoo’, Dubai’s largest packing and Freight Forwarding company as a supervisor. Besides handling the company’s cargo division that included Inter Modal transportation, Cliff also assisted the company’s VIP’s in the ‘meet and greet’ assignment with ‘Shell’ and its sister company ‘PDO’. With the opening of the Oman ‘Seeb’ airport, all services to Dubai were suspended. The company then catered to the local market with a large number of American and British firms. A few months later, he was heading the packing department, which entailed drawing up of estimates and interacting with the clients. In this postion, he grasped the entire concept of packing and forwarding and the importance of service in relation to success. Confident of his own ability, Mr.D’Souza left Kanoo, and formed his own company, Ahmed Saleh, on a partnership basis. This partnership met with great success and enjoyed the patronage of Dubai’s cream of clients. He travelled extensively to the U.S.A.and the European countries on business, attending several conventions and meetings and personally meeting all associated clients abroad who were known to his company, only over the phone or telex. Maintaining a high level of quality and standard, the company earned a great reputation in the removal world. During his tenure at Dubai, he used to visit Bombay frequently, always harbouring a desire to get back to his roots and establish himself in Bombay. With business booming around that time, (1979) he decided to start his own packing and forwarding company in Bombay under the name and style of ‘HomePack’. He left for Dubai, leaving the day to day business in the hands of his partner. Unfortunately the staff at Bombay could not cope up professionally, with the growing clientele in the metropolis, despite the revamping in staff. Around that time, problems also arose in the company at Dubai, resulting in his partnership falling apart. Cliff therefore decided to return to Bombay to pay full attention to HomePack which was making little headway, while his competitors were having a field day enjoying the cream of the packing and forwarding business.He took up the challenge on his return in 1985 with courage, believing in the motto,"Never say die, until you are dead". At this time his partner who was managing the Bombay business retired and he had to singly build up the company almost from scratch.

Starting in earnest in 1986, with a limited staff in Lalbaug, with a 1500 sq.ft office - cum - warehouse, business since then has grown by leaps and bounds over the years and the warehouse capacity is presently admeasuring 15,000 sq.ft. with a staff strength of 80. Improved communications and computerisation have made things much more easy. While the office continues to be located in Lalbaug, the warehouse is now in Wadala. Says D’Souza, "Today we are the largest outfit as far as the packing goods goes, so much so, that it has warranted an in-house freight - forwarding team. People in HomePack believe in nothing but perfection. From the smallest of your precious articles to the bulkiest ones, all are looked after from the moment the HomePack team walk into your premises and move your belongings. There is a personal rapport between you and your goods. Prompt, reliable and cost effective service to our customers is only a way of life with HomePack. We always keep three P’s in mind : Perfection, Personalised Service and Precision, that has earned the company the reputation of being one of the most efficient Packers and Freight Forwarders in India. From the proprietor to the packer there is an understanding, not only between each other but a deep sense of caring for articles that have a distance to travel."

HomePack are well backed up and linked the world over, says Mr. D’Souza. With our international connections we can trace any shipment on its present whereabouts. The advantage of not being attached to any global world-wide concern is that we can pick and choose the best recognised associates overseas. With business booming over the years the company has acquired 8 large trucks and 2 forklift’s, this is in addition to hiring many local associates on contracts that have a reliable network of transport services. The company offers a large range of services, from household packing, clearing, forwarding, office moves, to industrial packing and relocating general cargo (Air and Sea), commercial crating, insurance, warehouse facility and any other professional packing work with very competitive means of transportation for the goods that the client may require."

HomePack also boasts of a carpentry centre at their warehouse at Wadala.The carpentry division is independently manned and run under the scrutiny of stringent quality control methods. Cliff strongly feels that India is the best place for commercial business, while education and knowledge are nesscessary to an extent something that one needs the most in this business. Also devotion and tons of hard work are the prerequisites in order to reach the top. Cliff 's reason to work is not only to make money but, also to reach out to his staff, by paying them an above average salary. Though he initially began with a group of freshers, today the company boasts of well experienced hands with the day to day operations being looked after personally on a one - on one basis by Cliff himself. He lays much emphasis on spiritual help."Without this", says Cliff, "nothing is possible".

At 60, Cliff is one person who loves window shopping. If it’s a day off he’d be either resting on his rocking chair or watching a cricket match or listening attentively to the CNN news on TV. He loves instrumental and country and western music. Generous to a cause, Cliff has sponsored may sports events and tournaments, thereby promoting good activity in the community.

So, whenever you’re moving house, remember to make the right move, for HomePack has a saying that goes, "Moving with you all the way."

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Mr. Cliff A. D'Souza.


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