Name Soza D'Sa Realtors
Address "Pauline" Valencia,
Fr. Mullers Road,
Mangalore 575 002.
Tele.No.:  407454, 436787 (Off)
              : 481156, 436737 (Resi)
              : 436727.              (Fax)
E mail  :
Details Consultants and Promoters of large Projects.
Dealing in Large Lands, Industries, Businesses, Estates, Plantations such as Tea, Coffee, Rubber, Coconut, Vineyards, Arecanuts
Partners : P.B. D'Sa and Richard D'Souza
Name Wisdom World Foundation
(Community living is more satisfying than family living in Retirement)

P.B. D'Sa, Chief Trustee,
Wisdom World Foundation 'Pauline',
Valencia, Mangalore - 575 002
Tele.No : 436737, 436787
Email    :

Details 13 exclusive centres in semi urban areas in India and Abroad for Retired / Retiring Christian Industrialists / Businessmen
A unique concept of working Retirement and Community Development Work Free Boarding & Lodging Working is Optional
Promoters of Swadesh And Indian Philosophy.
Name Blue Chip (Computer Academy)
(Hardware, Software Development, Training and Processing)

'Pauline', Father Muller's Road,
Valencia, Mangalore - 575 002.
Tele.No. : 436787, 436737
Fax No. : 436727
Email    :

Details Invites: Consultants, Collaborators, partners, Financers to make a Rs.1,000/- crore International Venture in Information Technology, Also interested in bromoling Hospitality Industry such as Travel, Tourism, Holiday Resorts, Hotels etcPartners: Mrs W. D'Sa and Mr Prem D'Sa