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Francis Fernandes Cascia

Popular Konkanni writer, director, actor Mr. Francis Fernandes, Cascia h is  brief achievement and highlights of his career.

"Kityak Negar Karthai?" his first play, staged number of times including famous Don Bosco Hall, also claimed as first play to be taken part by both men and women together.

In 1967 same play staged in St. Mary's Hall Mumbai and admired by vast group of audience.
28 Konkanni Plays written during 1967-1977 and staged more than 150 times between that period in Mumbai and Mangalore.

Since he settled in Dubai (U.A.E.), 7 of his plays staged in Dubai as well as Abudhabi."Maldisaanv" and "Avoi thi Avoi" plays gained tremendous popularity, eventually more than 3000 video cassette copies of both plays sold out worldwide.

Apart from stage plays, he has also written short stories, articles in various konkanni periodicals. "Dhulimthli Phulam" and "Mojya Voili Kaals Nivaar" his two serial stories published in "Poinaari" konkanni weekly. His first Novel Novel "Konn Aikaatha Mojo Thaallo"

Apart from his literary work, Francis is known for helping poor families back home in India. He also contributed monetarily to numerous konkanni magazines, sponsored konkanni events. He was the sole sponsor for publishing and distributing "Amchi Kursachi Vat" (Romi and kannda script) in St. Mary's church Dubai.Francis is active member of "Daiji Dubai"

Currently Francis holds the key position of Co-Ordinator of Daiji Dubai writer's forum.

He wrote many plays in Mumbai and most of his dramas were super hits, some of which are ‘Voni’, ‘Aiz Mhaka Fallyam Tuka’, ‘Avoi Ti Avoi’

‘Kityak Negar Kortai’, ‘Tum Mhaka Visor’, ‘Ghatki Samaz’, ‘Maldisanv’ and the latest ‘Motlobi Sounsar’ and others.