He has a great love for all types of Cars


Dr. Frederick Jacob de Souza.

Frederick Jacob de Souza, Managing Director, Patel On-Board Couriers Ltd. and Group Director-Marketing & Operations, House of Patels, has recently been awarded a Doctorate in Business, with specialization in Marketing by the American World University, Iowa, USA for his thesis: "A cognitive research on the consumer behaviour relating to selection of passenger cars in the emerging car-market in India". He has a great love for all types of cars including vintage, classic and designer cars which prompted him to do a research in this field for his doctorate.

For the above thesis, he has done an in depth research on the various passenger car manufacturers, car dealers, car users, used cars dealers, vintage and designer car users both in India and abroad. He has finally come out with the conclusion that India today has over a dozen passenger car manufacturers with adequate installed capacity for rolling out over 1.6 million cars annually against the current half a million new cars sold in the country, covering all brands and segments of cars. He says that cars priced below Rs. 5 lacks will mostly be sold in India as an average Indian consumer is very price and quality conscious and therefor a good number of cars manufactured in India, mainly in the luxury segment will be exported as there is good overseas demand for these cars. He goes on to say that these cars be priced cheaper than the international prices because of the availability of trained manpower, cheap labour as well as infrastructure in India.

The thesis was completed in record time by him under the able guidance of Dr. B.S. Bhir, Ph.D from London School of Economics and the former Head of the Department of Commerce, Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai.

Dr. de Souza has five Post Graduate degrees in Economics, Law, Business Management, Business and Industrial Management and Journalism. He has a craving for knowledge and is a well read man.

In spite of his busy work schedule, and hectic travel requirements, both in the country and overseas, he still finds time for social work. Currently he is a Trustee of Seva Dhan, a premier Drug Rehabilitation institute, a Trustee of the Diocesan Family Services Centre that does a lot of good work in the area of child care, adoption etc. He is the Chief Promotor of Citizen Co-operative Housing Society, a housing complex in Naigon, near Vasai, providing housing for over 1750 families of the Christian community at 'no profit no loss' basis. He was the Vice Chairman, Citizen Co-operative Bank Ltd. for thirteen years from its very inception.

Dr. de Souza is 57, happily married to Meher and has a daughter Johanna and a son Nihal. He is a man of few words but is an organization builder and a social worker. During his long professional career, spanning nearly three decades, he has proved it to the world that hard work, sincerity and dedication is all that is required to reach the top.

Dr. de Souza has received awards for management and social work from the State and Central Governments and several social service organizations and to name a few: Samajshree, Udyog Rattan, Great Achievers of India, Gem of India, Arch of Excellence Award 1994, Gold Star, Rattan Shiromani, Udyog Pragati, Udyog Gaurav, Hind Gaurav Award 1994, Gold Medal of Merit 1995, National Corporate Excellence Award, Business Excellence Award etc.

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Dr. Frederick Jacob de Souza.

M.A., LL.M., M.J..,
MBA, D.B.I.M, Ph.D.(U.S.A.)

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